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"Ovu-Trac™ is very easy to use and interpret. The information is easy to understand and the process doesn't take long to do every day. I also really like it's non-invasive method.

We had been trying to get pregnant for 18 months, but my cycles were extremely irregular. Ovu-Trac™ took the guesswork out of knowing when I was ovulating. It only took me four months to get pregnant using the Ovu-Trac™!

I'm so glad this product is available. It helps a lot of women."

Laura Klassen
Abbotsford, B.C.

We got pregnant the first month we used Ovu-Trac™. We had been trying for 7 months, with 4 of those months taking Clomid. We decided to try Month 4 with the same dose of Clomid, together with the Ovu-Trac™. Thankfully, we got pregnant, otherwise my dose for Clomid would have been doubled.

The Ovu-Trac™ is an accurate predictor of ovulation. It is easy to see and interpret the ferning patterns. The availability of the 1-800 number was also very helpful. I had used urine dipstick tests with confusing results.

I have to admit I was skeptical at first to purchase the product; however, Ovu-Trac™ was so affordable compared to the expensive ovulation monitoring devices and the single-use urine tests. Since it is re-usable, I am going to give my kit to my sister.

Tori Faber
Vancouver, B.C.

Well, I have good news. I am pregnant! I took two pregnancy tests over The weekend and they were both positive.

I can't believe it. The first time we tried to get pregnant, we did. Ovu-Trac™ made everything so easy! I saw everything just like the booklet said I would.


Jessica Harris

This is my story. My husband and I tried for 4 years to conceive our son... with a lot of medical intervention we conceived our now 2 1/2 year old son. I had 2 operations, a lot of other medical procedures and over 3 1/2 yeas of fertility drugs at up to triple the dose. And very expensive.

So when my son was born we decided right away to start trying again, knowing the length of time it would take to conceive again.

After 28 months of trying to have another baby, ready to give up, or try all the procedures again, I saw an ad in a magazine about your product. I checked into it at our Shoppers Drug Mart and purchased it. I used this product and in one cycle I found that I was fertile during menstruation. I would have never known that without Ovu-Trac™.

I was not sure of this product... but I thought it costs less than fertility drugs and is side-effect free. I really now wonder if we had a fertility problem to begin with! Or if it was just a case of bad timing. I always thought I was ovulating on day 10-14 when in reality I was ovulating on day 3-6. So I think that all you other people thinking about it and wondering if this is for real. It is! I am now, after 29 months of trying to get pregnant, expecting my second blessing in my life.

Your product saved me the expense of the fertility drugs and the pain of all those tests and operations that we were going to embark on again. You, in a compact little package, showed me that with a little effort you can track this so easily and successfully. I will let you know what we have when our child is born.

Thank-you Ovu-Trac™.

Joanne & Kurt Yaskow

Hello, thought I would write this note to let you all know how happy and grateful I am to Ovu-Trac™.

We got pregnant, yeh!!! Thanks to Ovu-Trac™.

I had been charting my ovulation for five months and got pregnant on the fifth month. I was getting frustrated and had just made my first OB-GYN appointment and--poof--I was pregnant, before any fertility tests or drugs were necessary. The pass five months felt like forever but Ovu-Trac™ was letting me know that I was ovulating, which gave me hope.

The booklet is very easy to read and use. I'll be using it again and sharing it with my friends.

Growing up I thought it would be very easy to conceive, but I found out that isn't always the case. Using this predictor kit has helped more than I can express.

Thankyou so much,
Melanie and Joe Poulin, Ontario

Dear Ovu-Trac™

I have been meaning to write to you to tell you that I got pregnant using Ovu-Trac™ but fortunately I am pregnant and sleeping every spare minute I get.

We purchased Ovu-Trac™ after trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant for ten months. We had scheduled a specialist appointment but didn’t need it because we conceived within two months of purchasing your product. I also recommended it to my friend and she too got pregnant using hers after just two months. We had fun interpreting our slides together. It would normally be quite gross to examine a friend’s spit but this proved to be an exciting adventure.

I spoke to my Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacist (who prior to me had no testimonials on the product) and told him to recommend it to anyone seeking ovulation kit advice!!

Thank you for helping to make my dreams come true.

Leslie-Anne Steward



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