Ovu-Trac ovulation predictor kit an aid for achieving pregnancy  
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Ovulation Predictor Kit
Instructions for Use

  1. On a clean slide, deposit a small saliva sample - about the size of a dime. (FIG-1)
  2. Let the saliva sample dry.
  3. Place the slide under the Ovu-Trac™ microscope.
  4. Turn on the Ovu-Trac™ microscope light. (FIG-3)
  5. Look through the eyepiece.
  6. Turn on the adjustment dial until the slide comes into focus. (FIG-4)
  7. Compare the saliva sample with the Guidebook photographs.
  8. Record your results on the enclosed chart and compare to previous days' results. (FIG-5)

Download the Tracking Chart
(2 sided, legal size PDF document)















Seen at 100x Magnification
with the Ovu-Trac™ microscope



ovulatory fertile



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