Ovu-Trac ovulation predictor kit an aid for achieving pregnancy  
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1. Is salivary crystallization a new test to indicate ovulation?
Saliva testing is not a new method of predicting ovulation. In fact, the connection between salivary crystallization and ovulation has been known since the 1960's.

2. Will I need to buy anything else in addition to the Ovu-Trac™ Ovulation Predictor Kit?
No. The Kit includes everything you need to start testing. The portable microscope requires two AA batteries, which are included with your initial purchase. These batteries will need to be replaced about every three or four months, or whenever they are no longer effective.

3. How do the Basal Body Temperature and Ovu-Trac™ methods compare?
Basal Thermometers indicate the day of ovulation, however, they do not indicate when a woman enters her fertile phase. Ovu-Trac™ shows the day of ovulation, in addition to indicating when a woman enters her fertile phase. With Basal Thermometers there are many factors that affect an accurate reading. Most women find the Ovu-Trac™ method is easier to use.