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By Deborah Lawson

After years, perhaps, of avoiding pregnancy, you're ready to think about starting a family. But if you're like a lot of Canadian women, you'll still be trying several months later. One couple in six experiences some degree of infertility or delay in becoming pregnant. Only one couple in four achieves pregnancy in any given month. Since intercourse is only likely to result in pregnancy during a four-day window in each menstrual cycle, being able to pinpoint those four days is crucial. That's when you realize getting pregnant is a lot like conducting a symphony - timing is everything.

Ovulation predictor kits make it much easier for women to identify their fertile phase, providing the element of certainty in an uncertain process. This is especially helpful for women who have difficulty getting pregnant because they have a short luteal phase (which is the length of time from ovulation until a woman menstruates, normally thirteen to fifteen days), or an irregular menstrual cycle.

The five-day urine test Kits, often recommended to help identify the day of ovulation, operate best in conjunction with an average menstrual cycle, where ovulation occurs on or around day 14. They work by indicating the increased or decreased presence of luteinizing hormone (LH) in the woman's urine. LH is present throughout the menstrual cycle, but increases significantly 24 to 36 hours prior to ovulation. This rapid increase is called the LH surge. But urine test Kits must be used at the right time. If a woman's cycle is unpredictable, making it impossible for her to be sure she's using the Kit in the days immediately prior to ovulation, results will be inconclusive. When this happens over a period of several months, a woman may seek unnecessary and sometimes costly treatment.

Leading the way in a revolutionary new method is Ovu-Trac™ from The Natural Fertility Awareness Company Inc. This cost-effective test is easier to use and interpret, completely non-invasive, chemical free, re-usable and has a higher success rate than any other method. The need to collect and test urine is eliminated. Instead, a saliva sample is placed on a microscope slide and viewed under high magnification. Changes in the saliva, known as salivary ferning or crystallization, clearly show the progression towards ovulation.



The Ovu-Trac™ Kit includes a compact microscope and a comprehensive guidebook. The 100x microscope gives a brightly illuminated, lab-quality view of the saliva sample. Slides can be washed and re-used, allowing side-by-side comparison of up to six days' results. Ovu-Trac's™ guidebook explains the biological principles behind the method. Complete instructions, clear illustrations and detailed photographs are supported by a toll-free help line. The Ovu-Trac™ Kit clearly gives women the best tool available for identifying their fertile phase.

By accurately pinpointing the fertile phase with Ovu-Trac™, a couple can ensure intercourse takes place during the most fertile time of a woman's cycle. In addition, the Ovu-Trac™ Tracking Sheets provide doctors with information to help identify problems that are often easily addressed. They also help physicians make a decision about the need for infertility treatment, and may reduce the time it takes to access treatment because vital preliminary data has already been gathered.

The Ovu-Trac™ Ovulation Predictor Kit, available at Shoppers Drug Mart, London Drugs and other fine pharmacies, is a truly innovative tool for natural fertility testing. Colleen Biggs, president of The Natural Fertility Awareness Company, says, "With Ovu-Trac™, we set out to make an easy-to-use product for women trying to become pregnant. The success stories and thanks that have come from many delighted new parents have been enormously gratifying."



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