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The Ovu-Trac™ Ovulation Predictor Kit provides an accurate, comprehensive, economical method for identifying fertile phase and day of ovulation even in the most irregular cycle. Regardless of a woman's cycle, she can monitor her fertility on a daily basis, even when using fertility drugs, to maximize chances of conception.

Until now, products to indicate a woman's ovulation, have been simple yes/no products that indicate testing should take place between day 10 and day 15. If the user did not get an expected "yes", she was left to assume there was something wrong with her. Although most women think they are supposed to ovulate between day 10 and 15, this is only true if a woman has a cycle length around 28 days, and her hormones are all in balance. Testing by these other methods at the wrong time can cause a woman to believe she is infertile leading to costly and unnecessary fertility treatments. Now, Ovu-Trac™ can help a woman identify much more accurately when, and if, she is fertile.

Urine-based tests provide an overly simple approach that recommends testing between day 10 and day 15 of a woman's cycle. Again, this time line only works for a regular 28 day cycle, leaving those with short, irregular or long cycles with inaccurate information. With a cost of approximately $10 per day, urine testing proves to be an expensive lesson in trial and error. For many women, electronic analyzers are cost prohibitive and may not improve the odds at all.

Other saliva testers can be equally frustrating. These testers do not provide the necessary tools for home testing. Under-powered magnifiers and an inadequate sample area make it difficult, if not impossible, to see the crystallization.

Common to all other home test products is their lack of basic fertility information. Often, the information provided is limited to the use of the product. Ovu-Trac™ combines appropriate, comprehensive information with a high quality microscope and a fertility journal, to provide a complete system for achieving pregnancy.

To help a woman understand her body, our educational 28-page booklet explains how to use the Ovu-Trac™ and provides additional information on such topics as the effect of stress and exercise on fertility and tips on how to maximize fertility.




The Ovu-Trac™ Kit contains an easy to use portable 100X microscope. The internal light provides a clear bright view of the saliva sample just as you would see with a lab microscope. Ovu-Trac's™ extensive testing has shown that a 100X magnification is best for interpreting a woman's results. A lower magnification makes it difficult or impossible to see the fine detail required to track the progression of crystallization necessary to determine when a woman enters her fertile phase. The microscope comes with six (6) acrylic slides to allow a woman to compare her results by rotating through the slides. A quick wash with soap and warm water, dry with a lint-free cloth and they're ready for reuse - no need to purchase additional monthly supplies.

The Tracking Chart provides a simple way to record all the factors that affect a woman's fertility. To help a woman understand the connection between significant events and physical signs to her own cycle, the Tracking Chart also has space to note these events and signs. If a couple is unable to achieve pregnancy within three or four cycles, the information from the Tracking Chart will often help a doctor pinpoint common infertility causes, such as a short luteal phase which may be remedied by a prescription of progesterone. The Tracking Chart may also alert your doctor to other conditions such as polycystic ovarian disease or hormonal imbalances.

Because the system provides reusable materials, Ovu-Trac™ is the most affordable, accurate and appealing product available for home fertility testing. The total cost of the Ovu-Trac™ is about the same as 10 days of urine testing. The only other costs are replacement batteries for the microscope every 3-4 months and photocopying the Tracking Chart each month. It's by far the most economical choice for fertility testing.

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Comparison of Saliva Testers




Sample Surfaces

Fertility Information Supplied


Interpret results


100x internal light 6 acrylic lab slides comprehensive 28 page booklet detailed with 100x pictures. comprehensive. easy to understand Easy

Other Saliva Testers

30X - 55X (magnifying glass type) No 1 small surface Yes 1 page Poor
30X - 100X (lipstick style) Some 1 small surface No 1 page Poor

Ovu-Trac™ vs. other methods



Fertility Information Booklet

Number of Tests

Additional Supplies Required



$99.95 one time cost yes unlimited number of tests new batteries as required
  • saliva test
  • indicates fertile phase and day of ovulation
  • allows for daily tracking

Urine Test Kits

$40 - $60 per cycle no 5 or 6 repurchase each month
  • urine test
  • only predicts ovulation if you ovulate during that 5 day period

Electronic Urine Test Kits

$350.00 for unit + $45.00 per month no unlimited number of tests repurchase test strips each month
  • urine test
  • does not indicate when you enter fertile phase

Electronic temperature computer

$250.00 - $500.00 no unlimited number of tests new batteries as required
  • does not indicate when you enter your fertile phase
  • does not take into account that ovulation can vary from cycle to cycle
  • not for irregular cycles.
  • temperature affected by many factors

Basal body Thermometer

$20.00 no unlimited number of tests new batteries as required
  • does not indicate when you enter your fertile phase
  • temperature affected by many factors


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