Ovu-Trac ovulation predictor kit an aid for achieving pregnancy  
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natural ovulation predictor kit using saliva crystalization test method  

The Ovu-Trac™ Kit



The Ovu-Trac™ Kit is made up of three main components. The comprehensive "Guide to Proper Use", a "Tracking Chart" to journal a woman's fertility cycle and an easy to use portable Ovu-Trac™ microscope.

Guide For Proper Use
Written in both English and French, these 28 page booklets explain how to use the Ovu-Trac™. Interpreting results is easy. Numerous clear photos in the guide show samples of different stages of the fertility cycle.

The Guide also has practical information about fertility and addresses common myths and misconceptions about fertility.

Tracking Chart
This chart provides a simple way to record all the factors that affect a woman's fertility. If a couple is unable to achieve pregnancy within three or four cycles, the recorded information often helps a doctor pinpoint or rule out common infertility causes.

Portable Microscope
The Ovu-Trac™ Kit contains an easy to use portable 100X Ovu-Trac™ microscope. Samples are clear and easy to see. With six (6) acrylic slides included, a woman can compare her results by rotating through the slides.



Principle behind the Ovu-Trac™

The Ovu-Trac™ works on the principle of Salivary Crystallization. When a woman is in her fertile phase, her estrogen levels rise causing her saliva to dry into beautiful frost-like crystals, often compared to ferns. They begin as small crystals, when the woman first enters her fertile phase, and become more concentrated up to the time of ovulation.

Ovu-Trac™ is 96.2% accurate, indicating ovulation and fertile phase preceding ovulation, and is a Class 2 medical device licensed by Health Canada #10169



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